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Top Ten Reasons You Should Always Stay in Touch with Your Teachers

Have you ever had a teacher(s) that you’ve been in touch with ever since they taught you? Well school is starting up, and this is just one way, and a few good reasons for enjoying your school year with your … Continue reading

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Ten Things to do at Home When You’re Bored

Read Write Make a pie! (Yummy) Pretend your sleepwalking into the kitchen, then stuff your face in a cake Make a mini house out of cardboard, then decorate it go swimming (if you have a pool) Invite a friend over … Continue reading

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Top Ten Best Things to do at the Beach

Have a picnic! It’s always fun to have some friends, talk, eat, and enjoy the sunny beach! Go swimming! Sometimes I like to stand at the shore, and wait for the waves to come and pull me down, it’s fun! … Continue reading

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Top Ten Best Things to do During Your Summer Vacation

*YAWN* I’m bored. I need something to do for the summer. I don’t know what to do. Where do I find some ideas? Here! 😀 Call your friends! Hang out with them! Go shopping with them! (Nothing’s better than hanging … Continue reading

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