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Top Ten Funniest/Cutest Cat Videos Winning Comment!!!

There were a few people who sent me really amazing videos for my tenth post, Top Ten Funniest/Cutest Cat Videos (Since there were only nine)! I loved all of them, but this one was really funny and cute…. magnoliasister said, … Continue reading

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Top Ten Funniest/Cutest Cat Videos

Are you feeling very sad? Do you need something funny/cute to cheer you up? Well these cute little kitties can help you…. (Don’t forget to look at the bottom of this post, on number 10. and check out the little … Continue reading

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Ten Things A Cat Can Tail You From Their Tail (Suggested by my mom)

Here is a photo to Tail you!        Where’s the 10th? What will it be? I don’t know, It’s your decision! You decide what it will be, and comment it in the comment section! Give your best ideas, and I’ll … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things Not to Do for a Dragon’s Birthday

Put Candles on a cake and make the dragon blow it out with it’s own fire Have an argument with him/her after a full stomach of hot sauce Tell the dragon they don’t get any presents Give them candles Get … Continue reading

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