Top Ten Weirdest Things You Don’t Realize You Tend to do in Public.

We all have those times….

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1. Singing in the bathroom stalls.

2. Talking with strangers about personal issues that you would never talk about with your friends.

3. Unconsciously following someone around town.

4. Pacing around the bathroom and playing on doors as you answer a phone call.

5. Practicing arguments in the mirror in a restaurant bathroom.

6. You fear someone may think of you as a shoplifter when you aren’t sure what to buy in a store.

7. You tend to unconsciously make eye contact with a stranger near you, and stay that way for a few minutes.

8. You sometimes look around a library to find any misplaced books, and you organize them for the majority of the time you’re in the library.

9. You stare at the way others eat their food without thinking.

10. I’m leaving this one up to you! You decide, and then leave a comment as to what you feel should be added! What are one of your strangest tendencies in public? In my next post, I’ll choose the winning comment for this week that has replied to this post! Get thinking!


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3 Responses to Top Ten Weirdest Things You Don’t Realize You Tend to do in Public.

  1. pyarbrough says:

    I see so many people talking to themselves out in public, complete with hand gestures and facial responses!

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