Top Ten Reasons You Should Always Stay in Touch with Your Teachers

Have you ever had a teacher(s) that you’ve been in touch with ever since they taught you? Well school is starting up, and this is just one way, and a few good reasons for enjoying your school year with your amazing teachers and friends!

  1.        Usually your teacher/student is known as a best friend too! They will always be there to help you, and they can be very fun to hang out with!
  2.        I have a group of friends that love getting together with our teacher, like me! So my teacher, my friends and I, formed as one big fun group! Now, every once and a while, my teacher takes my friends and I to really fun places, so we can keep in touch with everyone, bond, and have fun! It can be very fun to have a group of people like this!
  3.        If you have never bonded with your teacher, sometimes your teacher/student won’t understand you as much, and that won’t be fun! It will make class time a lot better if you bond with your teacher, have fun, and stay in touch!
  4.       Sometimes, even when your teacher isn’t teaching you anymore, they will still help you through some tough times in other classes, or other schools. This can be the same with your student.
  5.       It can feel as though you have a new person in your family!
  6. You get to learn more about your teacher.
  7. It’s very fun to have your teacher as your best friend too!
  8. You’ll learn to appreciate more of what your teacher does for you. Trust me, if you’re in college, high school, or any grade, you would never have gotten so far if it weren’t for your parents and teachers. The job you have, you would have never gotten the job you know so much about if your teachers hadn’t taught you those things.
  9. Your teachers are very important! Same with students!
  10. It can make your learning experience very enjoyable when you know more about your teacher/student.

Remember, School is important, and can be very fun! Dedicated to my kindergarten and first grade teacher, Ms. Thea! 😀

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One Response to Top Ten Reasons You Should Always Stay in Touch with Your Teachers

  1. Theresa Nolan says:

    Great post Amanda. I just attended a 45th high school reunion with two of my teachers. One I have known since 1962 and the other since 1964.

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