Please No Spam!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of spam on my site, like linking to sites of their own, or mentioning how great their site is while making my blog look bad. This is not a very nice thing to do, although I would not mind advertising your site. Please do not say anything rude, or anything that could get you into fight with another commentator. I wish for all kind words, and no inappropriate language, scary or mean thoughts. Feel free to express your opinion, but please say it in as nice of a way as possible. If you would like to advertise your site on this blog, please ask of my permission before putting a link in your comment.

Remember I will be approving of your comments before showing them, so they might not show if they were a rude comment. (Or I may forget to approve them.)

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One Response to Please No Spam!

  1. shadowdancerx says:

    yep. There are various ways people spam on wordpress. It can be good to post a comment policy. I personally edit out all the links people put in comments to their own site. I am tired of spam. There are spam comments, spam followers, spam likes. So much spam.

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