Top Ten Funniest/Cutest Cat Videos

Are you feeling very sad? Do you need something funny/cute to cheer you up? Well these cute little kitties can help you…. (Don’t forget to look at the bottom of this post, on number 10. and check out the little surprise I’ve written!)

1. This one is a “flying” cat, trying hard to jump across a porch. I hope he’s okay!

2. This little kitty has definitely had a long day of playing, unlike all her other little playmates….

3. What a cute game to play! Hopefully none of these little kitties get hurt!

4. These cute little kittens are sure to cheer you up!

5. This cat has a great talent!

6. What a groove this cat has! And a talent!

7. Who knew what silly things cats could do?

8. Aww cute captions, coming up!

9. Awwwww…. What a cute, playful kitteh

10. Make your own! Make a video with your cat, or any pet, upload it on You Tube, then send me the link so I can post it on my blog for the winning video!! Or, if you want, just find a really funny video that YOU like on You Tube, and comment the link on my blog! I might just post it for the winning comment! Remember, all your fantastic videos need to be sent in by Monday June 24th, (obviously 2013)! I bet they’ll all be amazing!!

A Ginger Kitten looking very cute

A Ginger Kitten looking very cute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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4 Responses to Top Ten Funniest/Cutest Cat Videos

  1. Laura says:

    Amanda, here’s a link you might like:
    Thanks for posting these!

  2. Hi Amanda, Those were cute! Here is one of my favorites on YouTube –

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