Top Ten Best Things to do at the Beach

  1. Have a picnic! It’s always fun to have some friends, talk, eat, and enjoy the sunny beach!
  2. Go swimming! Sometimes I like to stand at the shore, and wait for the waves to come and pull me down, it’s fun!
  3. If you have a surf board, you can go surfing (Or boogie boarding)!
  4. Go on a shell hunt! Try and find as many shells as you can, or have a contest. See who can find the most shells before the waves hit the shore and take them away!
  5. Curl up on a beach chair and read a book! Especially if your reading a book about the ocean, it will have all the sound effects.
  6. Build a sandcastle, tower, slide, or mountain! Take a bucket, and make a story!
  7. Make a time capsule! Either with rocks, or shells! (Don’t do it with trash or it will pollute, so only use rocks or shells.)
  8. Bury your friends in the sand! (Make sure it’s safe) Try and see if you (or themselves) can get them out!
  9. Make art! Take only nature, and put it together to make installation art! Rocks, shells, leaves, sticks, seaweed, or any nature like that will do, even sand!

Hmm… What’s the 10th gonna be? You decide in the comments! Like last time, you comment what the 10th will be, and I’ll choose which comment goes in the winning comment of the week post!

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2 Responses to Top Ten Best Things to do at the Beach

  1. Edna Todd says:

    Great ideas Amanda. How about writing in your journal. The beach is the perfect place to imagine and to remember.

  2. Theresa Nolan says:

    Look for sea glass on Aunt Theresa’s beach.

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