Top Ten Weirdest Things to Tell Your Friends

Ever feel like your friends think your weird? Well maybe this is why;

  1. You convince them your related to a unicorn
  2. You tell them the jelly beans they threw in the backyard earlier grew a giant bean stalk
  3. You tell them that you saw a giant fish with a horse tail flopping around the playground
  4. You make them believe it’s your birthday, then when it actually is your birthday you scold them for not getting you a gift
  5. After a sleepover, you tell them that they got up and went back to their house, then came back to yours
  6.  You tell them you ate a pie that fell from the sky
  7. You tell them that tomorrow is National Bad Hair Day, and when they know your tricking them, they come to school the next day wondering why everyone has really bad hair
  8. You tell them that there is a cat, a dog, 5 chickens, 3 horses, 8 baby birds, 10 chipmunks, 4 geese, 1 lizard, 2 fish, and 2 rabbits in their house right at this moment
  9. You ask them what happens if you flush 1 rubber duck, 6 pieces of paper, and 4 sponges  in the toilet
  10. You tell them you know every single language ever, and when you speak gibberish you tell them that was all the languages together
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One Response to Top Ten Weirdest Things to Tell Your Friends

  1. Shanna Hulme says:

    Pies that fall from the sky are the best kind!!!

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