Have You Heard?

Hey guys! Many of you love this blog and follow, but have you checked out my other blog, Today’s News (North Nebrichigan News)? Well you should, and if you follow this blog, you’ll certainly want to do the same there! Get the latest news from this strange state, claimed to be founded as the 51st state of America and home to some of the strangest events and reports.. So remember to check back with that blog if you’re looking for a laugh and enjoyment! Thanks! 😀

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Happy Anniversary!

Hiya! I know it’s a little late, and I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks, but guess what? June 2nd celebrates Amanda’s Top Ten Things Anniversary! I’ve been posting for a whole year, and although it doesn’t seem like much, I’m thankful you guys kept reading my posts! Happy Anniversary!

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Top Ten Weirdest Things You Don’t Realize You Tend to do in Public.

We all have those times….

download (1)

1. Singing in the bathroom stalls.

2. Talking with strangers about personal issues that you would never talk about with your friends.

3. Unconsciously following someone around town.

4. Pacing around the bathroom and playing on doors as you answer a phone call.

5. Practicing arguments in the mirror in a restaurant bathroom.

6. You fear someone may think of you as a shoplifter when you aren’t sure what to buy in a store.

7. You tend to unconsciously make eye contact with a stranger near you, and stay that way for a few minutes.

8. You sometimes look around a library to find any misplaced books, and you organize them for the majority of the time you’re in the library.

9. You stare at the way others eat their food without thinking.

10. I’m leaving this one up to you! You decide, and then leave a comment as to what you feel should be added! What are one of your strangest tendencies in public? In my next post, I’ll choose the winning comment for this week that has replied to this post! Get thinking!


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Top Ten Most Absurd Words Added to the Dictionary

I can’t believe ‘selfie’ is an actual word, yet they underline it when I write it…


I believe this computer is smart enough…

1. Mini-me – Meaning – a person closely resembling a smaller or younger version of another. Oh, I have one of those!

2. Grrrl – Meaning –  A young woman regarded as independent, strong, or aggressive. Rawr.

3. Hash Tag – Meaning – a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic. #ridiculouswords #dictionarygonemad

4. Selfie – Meaning – *Face palm* No… I’m not doing this one. You can… just.. look it up in the dictionary yourself…

5. Turducken – Meaning – a roast dish consisting of a boned chicken inside a boned duck, which is then placed inside a partially boned turkey. It isn’t as delicious when you find it in your dictionary!

6. Yooper – Meaning – a form of North Central American English mostly spoken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which gives the dialect its name (from “U.P.” for Upper Peninsula). Yooper! Yippee! Yahoo! Hallelujah!

7. Tweep – Meaning – A chirp or beep; To chirp or beep. Aw, I do that all the time with my cat!

8. Squee – Meaning – Used to express great delight or excitement.

9 E-Waste – Meaning – “Electronic waste” may be defined as discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, television sets, and refrigerators. Now I wanna go dumpster diving!!!

10. Unfriend – Meaning – remove (someone) from a list of friends or contacts on a social networking website. That reminds me… Berald!

I think my computer knows what it’s doing to most of these words!


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Quick Little Update!

I KNOW! IT’S BEEN SO LONG. And I’m so sorry! Lately, I have been super duper busy, and have been working on my other blog, Today’s News (Read the Fine Print). So please, don’t think I have been slacking off!

So, here’s the deal. To make up for this long gap between posts, I’m going to try to start making a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a while. That way, I can make up for all those posts that got lost in space and time and created a HUGE gap in the universe of Amanda’s Top Ten Things. Deal? Alright! Sorry for making you wait soo long! I’m horrible at keeping up with things, but this time I promise that I’ll try and make time for you! Thank you! 😀

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Top Ten Reasons You Should Always Stay in Touch with Your Teachers

Have you ever had a teacher(s) that you’ve been in touch with ever since they taught you? Well school is starting up, and this is just one way, and a few good reasons for enjoying your school year with your amazing teachers and friends!

  1.        Usually your teacher/student is known as a best friend too! They will always be there to help you, and they can be very fun to hang out with!
  2.        I have a group of friends that love getting together with our teacher, like me! So my teacher, my friends and I, formed as one big fun group! Now, every once and a while, my teacher takes my friends and I to really fun places, so we can keep in touch with everyone, bond, and have fun! It can be very fun to have a group of people like this!
  3.        If you have never bonded with your teacher, sometimes your teacher/student won’t understand you as much, and that won’t be fun! It will make class time a lot better if you bond with your teacher, have fun, and stay in touch!
  4.       Sometimes, even when your teacher isn’t teaching you anymore, they will still help you through some tough times in other classes, or other schools. This can be the same with your student.
  5.       It can feel as though you have a new person in your family!
  6. You get to learn more about your teacher.
  7. It’s very fun to have your teacher as your best friend too!
  8. You’ll learn to appreciate more of what your teacher does for you. Trust me, if you’re in college, high school, or any grade, you would never have gotten so far if it weren’t for your parents and teachers. The job you have, you would have never gotten the job you know so much about if your teachers hadn’t taught you those things.
  9. Your teachers are very important! Same with students!
  10. It can make your learning experience very enjoyable when you know more about your teacher/student.

Remember, School is important, and can be very fun! Dedicated to my kindergarten and first grade teacher, Ms. Thea! 😀

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Please No Spam!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of spam on my site, like linking to sites of their own, or mentioning how great their site is while making my blog look bad. This is not a very nice thing to do, although I would not mind advertising your site. Please do not say anything rude, or anything that could get you into fight with another commentator. I wish for all kind words, and no inappropriate language, scary or mean thoughts. Feel free to express your opinion, but please say it in as nice of a way as possible. If you would like to advertise your site on this blog, please ask of my permission before putting a link in your comment.

Remember I will be approving of your comments before showing them, so they might not show if they were a rude comment. (Or I may forget to approve them.)

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